Latest Listings Feed 162 Grape Ln. NDk5LTIwMTktMTAtMTIgMTE6MzU6NDg= Sat, 12 Oct 2019 11:35:48 -0500 Located in the middle of Grand Isle in the "CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT". This 16' x 80' mobile home is furnished and ready for occupancy! There is 1,216 sq. ft. living area with an additional 504 sq. ft. covered deck on the beach side. There is a great activities area below on the concrete slab. There is plenty of parking space here. Contact Karl for details. 504-628-0101.]]> 131 Plum Ln. NDk3LTIwMTktMDgtMjAgMTQ6MTA6MzM= Tue, 20 Aug 2019 14:10:33 -0500 Located on the west side of Plum Ln with a nice view of the Gulf of Mexico. Built on 3 lots..150' x 100'. Includes the home and a boat shed. The interior is solid cypress planking. Hardy plank and metal roof. 1,700 sq. ft. living with 1,900 sq. ft. under roof. Contact Karl for details.]]> 155 Jefferson Ave. Grand Isle PRIVATE COMPOUND NDk1LTIwMTktMDgtMDkgMTU6NTY6MjU= Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:56:25 -0500 Located at the east end of Grand Isle on a 100' x 150' fenced/gated compound...includes a 3/2 elevated mobile home and boat shed. The home is coming furnished and ready for summertime enjoyment. There is easy access to the beach and a view of the Gulf of Mexico from the observation deck above the home. Contact Karl today to check out this GREAT GRAND ISLE FISHING COMPOUND!! 504-628-0101.]]> 131 Foster Ln. WATERFRONT LOT NDkzLTIwMTktMDktMTUgMjI6MDQ6MTk= Sun, 15 Sep 2019 22:04:19 -0500 131 Foster Ln street viewPENDING * PENDING * LOCATED IN GRAND ISLE, LA. THIS IS A 75' X 67' WATERFRONT LOT ON A DEEP WATER CANAL OPENING TO CAMINADA BAY AND THE GULF OF MEXICO. THE LOT IS CLEAR AND READY FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT OF A HOME/CAMP OR RV LOT. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101.]]> 135 Minnich Ln. NDkwLTIwMTktMDctMDggMTc6NTA6NTU= Mon, 08 Jul 2019 17:50:55 -0500 This Grand Isle fishing camp is nestled amongst the oaks in the Oak Tree forest in the center of Grand Isle. This family fun camp has good access to the beach and isn't far from the Handi-cap fishing pier at the end of Smith LN. The large oaks provide plenty of shade for fun activities while on vacation. ]]> 137 Landry Ln. VACANT LOT - - R/V LOT NDg5LTIwMTktMDgtMDkgMTU6NDU6NTQ= Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:45:54 -0500 GREAT LOCATION ON A GOOD HIGH LOT IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE. IT IS LOCATED IN THE AREA OF THE U S POST OFFICE, CONOCO SERVICE STATION, SUREWAY GROCERY STORE...AND THE BEACH!!!! THIS LOT MEASURES 50' X 200' AND HAS EASY ACCESS FROM LANDRY LN. OR THE SIDE STREET RUNNING THE FULL DEPTH OF THE LOT. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS ON THIS GREAT R/V SITE LOCATION.]]> 152 Aurora Ln. NDg3LTIwMTktMDUtMTcgMTc6MzQ6MjI= Fri, 17 May 2019 17:34:22 -0500 Vacant lot with elevated quansit shed on the lot. Located in the center of Grand Isle near the SNOWBALL STAND in the 25 MPH speed zone. ]]> #32 Bird Reef Ct. Queen Bess Bay (Gated/Restricted) Subdivision NDg1LTIwMTktMDQtMTUgMTE6Mzk6MzU= Mon, 15 Apr 2019 11:39:35 -0500 #32 BIRD REEF CT IS INSIDE THE QUEEN BESS BAY (GATED/RESTRICTE) SUBDIVISION. THIS VACANT WATERFRONT LOT MEASURES 57.5' X 115'. THE CANAL OPENS TO BAYOU RIGAUD...PROTECTED WATERFRONT ON THE NORTH SIDE OF GRAND ISLE. THE LOT IS VACANT AND READY FOR IMPROVEMENT. HOA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS. 504-628-0101.]]> #31 Bird Reef Ct. Queen Bess Bay S/D WATERFRONT LOT NDgzLTIwMTktMDQtMTUgMTE6MTI6MDE= Mon, 15 Apr 2019 11:12:01 -0500 WATERFRONT LOT IN QUEEN BESS BAY (GATED/RESTRICTED) SUBDIVISION IN GRAND ISLE. THIS LOT ALLOWS THE BOAT TO BE ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF A CAMP. THE SLIP OPENS INTO THE CANAL ACCESSING BAYOU RIGAUD ON THE NORTH SIDE OF GRAND ISLE. THE LOCATION IS WELL PROTECTED. HOA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS. 504-628-0101]]> 152 CATHERINE LN. 2 BR. / 1 BATH OVERLOOKS THE BAY AND SALT MARSH NDc2LTIwMTktMDktMjMgMTc6MDE6MDQ= Mon, 23 Sep 2019 17:01:04 -0500 THIS LITTLE 2 BEDROOM / 1 BTH CAMP IS LOCATED ABOUT 2 MILES FROM THE BIG BRIDGE TO GRAND ISLE. THE VIEW IS OF THE COASTAL SALT MARSH AND CAMINADA BAY. **PRICE REDUCED** THE CAMP IS COMING FURNISHED AND READY FOR A NEW OWNER. THE LOACATION IS ONLY ONE BLOCK FROM THE BEACH...BRING A GOLF CART TO ENJOY THE WHOLE ISLAND. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS.]]> 134 Pete's Wharf Ln. NDcyLTIwMTktMDMtMDYgMTE6Mjk6MjY= Wed, 06 Mar 2019 11:29:26 -0600 134 Pete's Wharf Ln. front viewLOCATED ONE MILE FROM THE BIG GRAND ISLE BRIDGE WITH A VIEW OF THE BAY! This is a 3 br/ 2 bath RAISED mobile home on 2 lots of ground. The location offers easy access to the beach and marinas. FURNISHED. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS. 504-628-0101]]> 3163 Hwy.1 NDY1LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MDc6NDQ= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:07:44 -0500 View form Hwy. This vacant lot is located in the center of Grand Isle with 114' of Highway frontage by 187' of depth along Grand Isle Pkwy. The lot is zoned B-3...suitable for commercial ventures (Walk-up services store, R/V park, etc.) There is approximately .48 of an acre in size. THIS WAS THE HISTORIC LOCATION OF THE WORLD FAMOUS "GULFVIEW MOTEL AND LOUNGE" FROM TIMES PAST. Contact Karl for more details...504-628-0101.]]> 2463 Hwy. 1 NDYyLTIwMTktMDktMjYgMTg6MDI6NTY= Thu, 26 Sep 2019 18:02:56 -0500 2463 Hwy. 1 Corner of Catherine & Hwy. 12463 Hwy.1 is a VACANT LOT AT THE CORNER OF CATHERINE LN.AND HWY. 1 in Grand Isle. The lot is clear and ready for construction of a new home or simply an R/V site. The location offers easy and direct access to the beach by golf cart or foot path. Call Karl for details...504-628-0101.]]> 185 Chighizola Ln. SOLD NDYxLTIwMTktMTAtMDUgMTI6MDc6NDU= Sat, 05 Oct 2019 12:07:45 -0500 185 Chighizola Ln. FRONT V IEW*SOLD* 185 Chighizola Ln...located in the center of Grand Isle in the oak forest. This home has been newly remodeled and has new foundation (pilings) installed. There are two bedrooms and one large bathroom. The location offers easy access to the beach and the oak covered island lanes. The home is unfurnished and ready for a new owner. There is a new central air conditioning system. Call Karl today...504-628-0101.]]> 4022 Carly Ln. Amaris Isle Plantation Grand Isle NDUxLTIwMTktMDQtMTIgMTY6MTY6NTA= Fri, 12 Apr 2019 16:16:50 -0500 4022 Carly Ln  front view(NEW PRICE) 4022 Carly Ln. is vacant lot in the Amaris Isle Plantation gated/restricted subdivision. The lot includes 117' of waterfront and is very close to the Bayou Rigaud entrance to Amaris Subdivision. Contact Karl for more information...504-628-0101.]]> 134 Iberville Ln. Custom decorated interior NDQ5LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6NDg6MzU= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:48:35 -0500 Located near the big bridge onto Grand Isle...this 3 bedroom / 2 bath camp is on a 50' x 140' lot with close and easy access to the beach or bay. The camp is moderately furnished, but everything comes with sale. The interior has been custom decorated...very nicely done. There is a small storage building on short piers in the rear yard. Call Karl for details...504-628-0101.]]> 112 Vacation Ln. Near the bridge with view of the Pass NDQ0LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6NDc6MzU= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:47:35 -0500 112 Vacation Ln.112 Vacation Ln. is located near the big bridge to Grand Isle. This camp is on the mainland side adjacent to the playground. The camp was completely stripped and remodeled after Katrina put about 8" of water on the floors. The camp is now in very nice condition. Amenities include 2 bedrooms and additional sleeping accommodations in the living room, a full bath with tub/shower and a large kitchen/dining area. The camp is furnished and ready for summer fun. Call Karl at 504-628-0101 for more details and viewing appointment. ]]> 2005 Sarah Ln. Amaris Is. Plantation S/D NDI5LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6NDY6MTM= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:46:13 -0500 2005 Sarah Ln. A beautiful setting in the gated subdivision. No boat shed yet?...No problem, it's located very near to the back-down boat ramp makes this lot an easy access to the trout fishing grounds in Barataria Bay.]]> 124 SHELTON LN. NDIzLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MTQ6MDU= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:14:05 -0500 124 SHELTON LN. ONLY ONE MILE FROM THE BIG GRAND ISLE BRIDGE. THIS IS A TWO BEDROOM / ONE BATH CAMP. IT'S ALL FURNISHED AND READY FOR NEW FISHERMEN TO TAKE CONTROLS. THERE'S A DOUBLE BAY BOAT SHED BELOW AND A FISH CLEANING STATION. PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE ON THE SIDE OF THE CAMP. LET KARL FIX YOU UP WITH THIS ONE BEFORE SUMMERTIME FISHING ARRIVES...CALL 504-628-0101.]]> 2915 Hwy. 1 Grand Isle NDEzLTIwMTktMDgtMDkgMTU6Mzg6Mjc= Fri, 09 Aug 2019 15:38:27 -0500 THIS HOME HAS BEEN RENOVATED. THE RENOVATION INCLUDES NEW FLOORING & CEILING TILE AND OTHER INTERIOR WORK AND DECK IMPROVEMENTS..AND A TOTAL EXTERIOR PAINT FINISH. WITH RENOVATIONS COMPLETE AND A NEW APPRAISAL DONE, THE NEW PRICE IS NOW $155,000. THE OWNER WILL SHARE THE APPRAISAL WITH A PROSPECTIVE BUYER PRESENTING A WRITTEN OFFER. Located near the center of Grand Isle and overlooking the GULF OF MEXICO. Easy and direct access to the beach! This is a 3 br / 2 bath furniture. THE REOMODEL IS NOW COMPLETE...NEW FLOORING, NEW CEILILNGS, NEW LOOK! Call Karl today...504-628-0101. New septic system. THE DECK HAS BEEN CLEANED AND IMPROVED. THE INTERIOR RENOVATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED...LATEST PHOTOS. ASK KARL FOR DETAILS...THIS ONE IS READY FOR YOU AND THE KIDS TO ENJOY THE BEACH!!! Call Karl AT 504-628-0101. ]]> 107 Rush Ln. WATERFRONT LOT NDA5LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MTg6MTM= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:18:13 -0500 WATERFRONT LOT NEAR THE ELMER'S ISLAND BRIDGE! This lot forms the corner of Rush Ln. and Hwy. 1 only one block from the Elmer's Island The lot has been improved with limestone, a private boat launch and dock facilities for parking boats and vehicles at waterfront. Contact Karl for details...504-628-0101. ]]> 2723 Hwy. 1 "The A-Frame Camp" NDA3LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MTc6MDg= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:17:08 -0500 2713 Hwy. 1 FRONT VIEWThis is a DUPLEX. THE UPSTAIRS HAS 3/2 AND A GREAT VIEW OF THE GULF. THE DOWNSTAIRS IS A 2/2. BOTH ARE FURNISHED AND READY TO GO. PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE...CALL KARL.]]> 4017 Hwy. 1 TRACT D MzcxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:32 -0500 TRACT D 60' x 200'TRACT D is one of Four vacant lots divided out of the old HUEY LONG property. These four lots are vacant and ready for new construction. The location offers a view of the coastal wetland and wildlife to the north and a view of the Gulf of Mexico beach to the south. Call Karl for details about this and the other 3 adjacent lots. 504-628-0101.]]> 4013 Hwy. 1 TRACT C MzY5LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:30 -0500 TRACT C fronts Hwy. Large 60' x 200' lot. 12,000 sq. ft. overlooks active bird wetland to the north. Easy and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico beach. One of four lots available for development. Contact Karl for details. 504-628-0101.]]> 4009 TRACT B MzY3LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:30 -0500 4009 Hwy. 1 TRACT B 60' x 200'TRACT B is located at 4009 Hwy. 1 near the corner of Humble Rd and Hwy.1. This is a large 12.000 sq. ft. lot with a beautiful view of the wetland birds at the rear of the lot. The lot offers easy and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico beach by foot or golf cart. This is one of four adjacent lots offered for the first time ever. Call Karl for details. 504-628-0101.]]> 4005 Hwy. 1 TRACT A MzY0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6Mjk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:29 -0500 4005 Hwy. 1 TRACT ALarge vacant lot at the corner of Humble Rd and Hwy. 1 at the east end of Grand Isle. This is a brand new lot...ready for development! The lot measures 70' x 200' and provides easy and direct access to the Gulf beach by golf cart. Not far from the Community Center and Sanddollar Marina. Call Karl for details...504-628-0101.]]> 182 Plum Ln. MzU5LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MjY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:26 -0500 Front view 182 Plum Ln182 Plum Ln. in Grand Isle. A five (5) bedroom / two (2) bath home. All metal siding and roof! Boat storage below. Concrete driveway, boat storage & side lot space. Furnished and ready to go! Call Karl today.]]> 228 Oak R St Larose, La. MzMxLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6NDI6Mzk= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:42:39 -0500 228 Oak R St front view of two buildingsIncluded are: a 2 br/2bath mobile home on one lot...and a 30' x 50' metal shop on the second lot. The location is near the foot of the Larose lift bridge on the north side of the Intra-Coastal Canal. The owner will consider 'owner financing'. Contact Karl at 504-628-0101.]]> 155 Shelton Ln. MzI2LTIwMTgtMDQtMjUgMTI6MjU6MDk= Wed, 25 Apr 2018 12:25:09 -0500 155 Shelton Ln. VACANT LOT # 99Only one mile from the bridge at the north end of Shelton Ln....this is a 60' x 88' vacant lot. The lot needs a little fill, but can become a fine spot for an R/V or a camp. The lot has a view of Caminada Bay to the north. Call Karl today for more information...504-628-0101.]]> 138 Lem Ln. MzA1LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MzQ6MTk= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:34:19 -0500 138 LEM LN. LOT # 6**AVAILABLE** 136 LEM LN. IS A 40' X 100' VACANT LOTS. THERE IS AN OLD CONCRETE SLAB ON LOT 6 AND LOT 5 IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. EACH LOT CARRIES ALL RIGHTS AND PRIVILIGES TO BUILD A NEW CAMP OR INSTALL AN R/V SITE. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS AT 504-628-0101. THE LOCATION IS APORIXIMATELY 2 MILES FROM THE BIG BRIDGE COMING ONTO GRAND ISLE. ]]> 17.664 Acres along Bayou Rigaud deep water port at Grand Isle MzAwLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MzI6NTM= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:32:53 -0500 17.664 Acres of undeveloped land in Grand Isle along Bayou RigaudThis is an undeveloped 17.664 acres along the deep water Port of Grand Isle on Bayou Rigaud. The land has never been developed, There is a blacktop road (Louisiana Ave) that enters the property from the east side. Another entrance is from Post Ln. (next to the Sureway Grocery Store). There is a large freshwater pond in the center of the property. A Corps of Engineers permit will be required to develop the waterfront. Call Karl for details and survey plat of the lot...504-628-0101.]]> Lot D-1 Hwy. 1 frontage at the corner of Apple Ln. in Grand Isle with view of the beach Mjk3LTIwMTktMDctMDggMTc6NDI6NTA= Mon, 08 Jul 2019 17:42:50 -0500 Lot D-1 at the corner of Hwy. 1 and Apple Ln.Lot D-1 is an irregular shaped lot fronting on Hwy. 1 at the corner of Apple Ln. and Orleans Ave. The lot is perfect for an R/V site. The location offers easy and direct access to the beach at Grand Isle. There are public streets on three sides and a servitude on the fourth side. The site is very visible from Hwy. 1 and is zoned B-3 allowing a business occupational license if desired. Call Karl for details or a plat of the lot. 504-628-0101.]]> PARK LN. VACANT * * LOT ON EAST SIDE OF STREET MjkzLTIwMTktMTAtMTIgMTI6MDM6NTg= Sat, 12 Oct 2019 12:03:58 -0500 LOCATED ON PARK LN. IN THE MIDDLE OF GRAND ISLE NEAR THE LA. WILDLIFE & FISHERIES LAB. THE LOT MEASURES 60' X 80' AND IS A VACANT LOT WITH A NICE OAK TREE ON THE LOT. THE TOWN OF GRAND ISLE HAS A WORK BARN TO THE REAR OF THE LOT.]]> 2685 HWY.1 BLUE WATER VILLAS Mjg4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MTI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:12 -0500 BLUE WATER VILLAS. UNITS E,F,G,H, & I ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. EACH UNIT CAN BE A COMMERCIAL RENTAL AND IS LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF CHERRY LN. AT 2685 HWY.1. THE LOCATION OFFERS AN EXCELLENT VANTAGE TO VIEW THE GULF OF MEXICO AND CAMINADA BAY TO THE NORTH. ACCESS TO THE BEACH IS IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF THE UNITS. EACH UNIT INCUDES 2 BEDROOMS & A LOFT AND ONE BATH. THE UNITS ARE CONSIDERED "COMMERCIAL' AND MAY BE USED AS DAILY/WEEKLY RENTAL UNITS. CALL KARL TO DAY FOR DETAILS...504628-0101]]> 144/148 Pete's Wharf Ln. Mjc4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MDc= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:07 -0500 New sand has been delivered and spread over the lot.**Check out the new price... ON THESE LOTS** The owner has reduced the price on these two lots. Great location for an R/V site for multiple r/v's. LOCATED ONLY 1 MILE FROM THE BIG BRIDGE TO GRAND ISLE. THE LOCATION OF THESE TWO LOTS OFFERS A GREAT SUNSET VIEW OF CAMINADA BAY. ONLY A FEW YARDS FROM THE WATERFRONT, THE WATER AT THE END OF PETE'S WHARF LN. AND A FEW HUNDRED YARDS FROM THE BEACH AT THE GULF OF MEXICO. BOTH LOTS WILL BE SOLD AS ONE AND ALL MITIGATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED WITH THE CORPS OF ENGINEERS WHICH WILL ALLOW THE OWNER TO FILL IN THE LOTS AND PROVIDE TWO R/V SPOTS. THE LOT MEASURES 100' X 115'. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS NOW...504-628-0101.]]> 114 Rush - WATERFRONT CAMP!!! MjY1LTIwMTktMDMtMDYgMTA6NTM6MzI= Wed, 06 Mar 2019 10:53:32 -0600 Street ViewAT LAST . . . If you've been searching for a new construction, two bedroom, one bath camp, central a/c, on the water, with beautiful views of the bay and the Gulf of Mexico, then your search is over!! This camp is well constructed, and boasts of highly skilled craftsmanship, from the foundation all the way to the top. The foundation is an extra thick six inch concrete slab and drive way. This gives your pilings extra stability, as well as the added stability from the cross beams extending from the front of the camp to the back of the camp. The sub-flooring of the camp has been laid at a 45 degree angle providing even more stability, as well as tie straps on the base and over the roof beams. Deck and staircase has been constructed of durable composite deckwood, and there is a sturdy cargo elevator for your convenience. They've installed the durable color coded PEX tubing water lines which are less likely than copper to corrode, and less likely than PVC to crack. The ceilings and walls have been sealed in a commercial grade two part epoxy coating to help protect your investment from moisture. This construction has been well planned, and could be yours. Call Angie at (337)251-3000 to schedule your appointment to see this one today.]]> LOT #4 COTT LN. MjUzLTIwMTktMDMtMDYgMTA6NTI6MTQ= Wed, 06 Mar 2019 10:52:14 -0600 LOT #4 COTT LN. ONE BLOCK FROM THE BEACH!60' WIDE LOT IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE'S OAK FOREST...ONE BLOCK FROM THE BEACH...R/V FRIENDLY. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101]]> LOT 3 COTT LN. Lot with oaks. MjUyLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTE6MTU6Mjk= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 11:15:29 -0500 LOT #3 ON COTT LN. / MELON LN.BEAUTIFUL LARGE LOT IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE...ONLY ONE BLOCK FROM THE BEACH. THIS LOT HAS A STREET ON EITHER SIDE...EASY TO LOCATE AN R/V. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101.]]> LOT #2 COTT LN. GRAND ISLE, LA MjUxLTIwMTktMDMtMDYgMTA6NTE6MTc= Wed, 06 Mar 2019 10:51:17 -0600 CORNER LOT WITH STREETS ON THREE SIDESLOCATED RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE...THIS IS ONE OF THREE LOTS NEVER BEFORE OFFERED FOR SALE. THE LOCATION IS ALONG THE OAK TREE RIDGE LINE IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE. THE LOT IS A CORNER LOT ON COTT LN./ MEDICAL LN/ MELON LN....VERY EASY TO LOCATE AN R/V. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101.]]> Lots 5 & 18 Island Beach Ln. BEACHFRONT LOTS AT THE LEVEE MjQ4LTIwMTYtMDYtMDYgMTY6NTc6NTI= Mon, 06 Jun 2016 16:57:52 -0500 Lots 5 & 18 BEACHFRONT LOTSTWO LOTS LOCATED ON THE BEACHFRONT AT THE LRVEE ON ISLAND BEACH LN. THESE ARE TWO ADJACENT BEACHFRONT LOTS AT THE WEST END OF GRAND ISLE. THESE TWO LOTS ARE COMPROMISED BY THE HURRICANE PROTECTION LEVEE AND WILL NEED SPECIAL PERMITTING FOR A DWELLING. THE LOTS EACH MEASURE 67' X 75'...ASK ANGIE FOR DETAILS! ]]> HIGHWAY FRONTAGE LOT WITH BEACH VIEWLot 1 & 1/2 of Lot 2 Wisteria Ln. MjQ2LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MzE6Mzg= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:31:38 -0500 Lot view from the west side.Nice high lot at the corner of Wisteria Ln. and Orleans Ave...with additional space fronting Hwy. 1. THE LOT VIEW OF THE GULF OF MEXICO IS EXCELLENT AND A 100' X 150' FOOTPRINT IS EXTRA LARGE! CALL ANGIE TO SHOW THIS ONE TO YOU...337-251-3000.]]> 3536 Hwy. 1 50' BEACHFRONT LOT MjM2LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MzA6MTE= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:30:11 -0500 3536 Hwy. 1 BEACHFRONT IN GRAND ISLEON THE BEACH AT GRAND ISLE...A 50' WIDE LOT WITH A 10' ADJOINING EASEMENT...THE LOT OWNERSHIP EXTEND ALL THE WAY TO THE WATER'S EDGE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO! This 50' lot has the building capacity for a 1,200 sq. ft. + dwelling 40' wide! IMAGINE WAKING UP EACH MORNING WITH THE SUN COMING OVER THE DUNES...OR MAYBE A THE FULL MOON RISING ...with a glass of wine and the whisper of the southeast breeze. CALL KARL NOW TO PLAN YOUR ESCAPE LOCATION...504628-0101.]]> Lots 7 - 12 Loma Linda Dr. MjMxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTY6MDI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:56:02 -0500 300' X 150' LOTSIX VACANT LOTS ON LOMA LINDA DR. THE LOCATION IS NEXT TO THE OLD "HUMBLE OIL HOME SITE SUBDIVISION" AT THE EAST END OF GRAND ISLE...VERY NEAR TO THE BASEBALL PARK AND COMMUNITY CENTER. THE LOTS ARE ADJACENT TO A WETLAND AREA AND MAY WELL INDEED BE PART OF THE WETLAND. THE VIEW IS OF BAYOU RIGAUD AND THE COASTAL WETLANDS. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101,]]> Lot 11-A Cheniere Caminada S/d MjI1LTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6Mjk6MjE= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:29:21 -0500 Lot 11-A GRAND ISLE at Cheramie's LandingLOT 11-A IS A LARGE IRREGULAR SHAPED COMMERCIAL LOT IS LOCATED NEAR THE FOOT OF THE BIG GRAND ISLE BRIDGE. THIS IS A FINE LOCATION FOR A RENTAL UNIT TO BE BUILT! THE LARGE SIZED LOT INCLUDES 38' OF WATERFRONT ON A CANAL NEXT TO LA. 1. CALL KARL FOR EXACT MEASUREMENTS. THIS PROPERTY IS NOT PART OF THE CHERAMIE'S LANDING R/V PARK. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS AT 504-628-0101.]]> Lots 28 & 32 MjEzLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6Mjg6MjE= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:28:21 -0500 LOT 28 & 32 ARE TO BE SOLD TOGETHER...INCLUDES BOAT SHED.LOTS 28 & 32 OF GULF STREAM PARK LIE BETWEEN SUNSET LN. AND BOUDREAUX LN...BOTH BLACKTOP STREETS. THE LOT MEASURES 100' ON BOUDREAUX LN. AND 90' ON SUNSET LN. AND INCLUDE THE BOAT SHED AND PILINGS FROM AN OLD BOAT SHED ON THE PROPERTY. THE LOCATION OFFERS A VIEW OF AND EASY ACCESS TO THE GULF OF MEXICO. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS AT 504-628-0101.]]> Aurora Ln. LOTS 4,5,6 & 7 MjA0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTU6NDM= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:55:43 -0500 LOTS 4 - 7 ALL FOR SALE TOGETHER OR SEPARATELYNEW PRICE ** AURORA LN. IN THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE AND ONLY A BLOCK FROM THE BEACH! FOUR ADJACENT LOTS TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY OR TOGETHER...OFFERING PRICE IS $30,000 EACH. THE LOTS MEASURE 50' EACH FRONTING ON AURORA LN. THIS WOULD BE A FINE SPOT TO LOCATE 4 R/V UNITS TOGETHER IN ONE COMPOUND. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS TODAY AT 504-628-0101...ALWAYS AVAILABLE!]]> 2585 Hwy. 1 HWY 1 FRONTAGE LOT FACES THE BEACH & GULF! MTcwLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTE6MTQ6MDc= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 11:14:07 -0500 2585 HWY. 1  (CORNER OF HWY. 1 & APRICOT LN.)2585 HWY. 1 IS A GREAT VIEW OF THE GULF OF MEXICO. IT IS A CORNER LOT ON HWY 1 AND APRICOT LN. THERE IS NEW BLACKTOP ON APRICOT LN.! THERE IS AN EASY ACCESS TO THE BEACH AND GULF OF MEXICO. THE LOCATION IS SUITED FOR A NEW CAMP OR A COMMERCIAL VENTURE AS THE LOCATION ENJOYS COMMERCIAL B-3 ZONING. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS.]]> # 94 Pirate's Cove Landing MTYxLTIwMTktMDMtMjUgMTI6MjM6MjI= Mon, 25 Mar 2019 12:23:22 -0500 # 94 Pirate's Cove LandingNEW PRICE ON THIS CONDO!!! $260K...WITH A MOTIVATED SELLER! #94 PIRATE'S COVE LANDING IS LOCATED VERY NEAR TO SOME OF THE FINEST SPECKLED TROUT AND REDFISH FISHING IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. THIS PROPERTY ALLOWS THE OWNER TO EASILY FISH THE INTERNATIONAL GRAND ISLE TARPON RODEO AS WELL AS OTHER GRAND ISLE TOURNAMENTS WITH EASE. JUST LOWER THE BOAT FROM THE HOIST AND LET'S GO FISHING! This is one of the units in the TALL metal boat house in Pirate's Cove Landing. It is a 3 bedroom / 2.5 bath condo with a boat lift, 1/2 bath and storage on the first level. The second level includes the living room / dining room / kitchen and the master bedroom (with bath). The third level includes a loft sleeping area suitable for four, a bedroom and a full bathroom. There is a pool for the private use of the owners at Pirate's Cove Landing. The camp is fully furnished and ready to go...Call Karl to see this one today at 504-628-0101.]]> 133 Park Ln. MTU4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTU6MDQ= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:55:04 -0500 FRONT VIEW OF LOT.133 PARK LN IS NEAR TO THE LA. WILDLIFE & FISHERIES LAB ON LUDWIG LN. THIS VACANT LOT IS AT THE NORTH END OF PARK LN. (NEAR THE LA. WILDLIFE & FISHERIES LAB) AND OVERLOOKS THE COASTAL ESTUARY TO THE NORTHWEST. THE LOT IS AN EXCELLENT LOCATION FOR AN R/V OR A CAMP...CALL KARL TODAY! 504-628-0101.]]> LOT B LANDRY - LEBLANC TRACT MTQxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTU6MDk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:55:09 -0500 LOT B FRONT VIEWGRAND ISLE HIGHWAY 1 FRONTAGE LOT B IS LOCATED BETWEEN THE SUREWAY GROCERY STORE AND THE CONOCO GAS STATION. THE LOT IS IN A COMMERCIALLY ZONED AREA OF GRAND ISLE. ]]>