Latest Listings Feed 230 Santiny Ln. R/V Site NDAyLTIwMTctMTEtMTAgMTQ6MDc6NDE= Fri, 10 Nov 2017 14:07:41 -0600 230 Santiny Ln. R/V lot230 Santiny Ln. is an R/V lot in the center of Grand Isle. The lot has two large live oak trees covering two r/v's that will NOT go with the sale. There is one old style septic system, water meter and electric pole on the lot. Call Karl for more details...504-628-0101.]]> 140 W. Central Ave. Grand Isle, La. 2X R/V Lot. NDAxLTIwMTctMTAtMTkgMTE6MDc6NDA= Thu, 19 Oct 2017 11:07:40 -0500 140 W. Central Ave front view140 W. Central Ave is located in Grand Isle near the foot of the Caminada Bay bridge in "Cheniere/Caminada"...included in "the corporate limits of the "Town of Grand Isle". The lot measures 50' wide on W. Central Ave by a depth of 240'. The improvement is a concrete slab, septic system with full hookups for 2 R/V's. The concrete slab is complete with footings to allow construction of an awning as permitted by Grand Isle. The view overlooks Caminada Bay and Caminada Pass to the south. Call Karl at 504-628-0101 for details.]]> 150 Carondelet Ln. Grand Isle Mzk3LTIwMTctMTEtMjAgMTg6MjY6MTk= Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:26:19 -0600 150 Carondelet Ln is a BAYFRONT CAMP on Caminada Bay near the big bridge to Grand Isle. This camp has been a rental and has a good rental income. There is a very vice handi-capped accessible lighted fishing pier where the specs and white trout bite at night. Call Karl at 504-628-0101 for more detaisl.]]> 4110 Hwy. 1 Grand Isle, La. Mzk5LTIwMTctMTAtMTcgMTU6MDE6MDQ= Tue, 17 Oct 2017 15:01:04 -0500 4110 Hwy. 1 is A 4.034 ACRE BEACHFRONT LOT in Grand Isle on the Gulf of Mexico. The improvement is a well built 2111 sq. ft home with 4 Bedrooms / 3 Baths being sold with all furnishings and fixtures. The lot is large enough for future development of another camp or two. Call Karl for details at 504-628-0101.]]> 150 Carondelet Ln. Grand Isle Mzk2LTIwMTctMTEtMjEgMTI6Mjc6NDg= Tue, 21 Nov 2017 12:27:48 -0600 150 Carondelet Ln. is an active rental unit built in 2006 after Katrina. The camp has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. The lighted fishing pier is handi-capped accessible. There is a good rental history on his unit offered to qualified buyers. The camp is coming fully furnished and ready for ongoing rentals or for personal use. Boats may tie up at the end of the fishing pier. Call Karl for more details...504-628-0101 ]]> 139 Carondelet Ln Mzk0LTIwMTctMTEtMjAgMTg6MjU6MDk= Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:25:09 -0600 139 Carondelet Ln is a 2 br / 2 bath camp. The owner has kept it as a rental unit for the past years, but now it's time to let it go to a good family. The location offers easy access off of Hwy 1...only a block off the highway...and it's close to either the bay or the beach. Call Karl to see this one today...504-628-101.]]> 126/120/131 Foster Ln. MzkyLTIwMTctMDgtMjggMTE6MTQ6MzE= Mon, 28 Aug 2017 11:14:31 -0500 126 Foster Ln. street frontage126/129/131/ Foster Ln includes 3 vacant WATERFRONT lots on a canal near the bridge to Grand Isle. The canal opens into Caminada Bay...with a short protected trip to the Gulf of Mexico. The Town of Grand Isle rules will allow 3 or more r/v's to be placed on the lot "full time" and 3 more part-timers as Nora at the Town of Grand Isle for details. The lots are vacant and ready for development. No association fees here. Contact Karl for more info...504-628-0101.]]> Lot 3 BEACHFRONT IN GRAND ISLE Mzg5LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDI6MDI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:02:02 -0500 THIS IS A 77.29' WIDE BEACHFRONT LOT IN GRAND ISLE ALONG THE GULF OF MEXICO. There is a beautiful and accommodating beach in front of this lot. The beach can be accessed by foot or you may use a permitted golf cart or side by side off-road machine. The lot is vacant and ready to build a beautiful camp. Setbacks will allow building up to 57' wide. The location is approximately two miles from the big bridge to Grand Isle over Caminada Bay. Contact Karl for more details...504628-0101.]]> 158 Grand Isle Pkwy Grand Isle, La. MzgzLTIwMTctMDctMTggMTQ6NDE6MDk= Tue, 18 Jul 2017 14:41:09 -0500 158 Grand Isle Pkwy is located in Grand Isle directly across Hwy. 1 from the SubWay store on the east side of Grand Isle Pkwy. The building was the office for John Soileau Catering in the past and contains three offices and a bathroom and large storage rooms. All this can be converted into a home or camp very easily. Contact Karl at 504-628-0101 for more details. ]]> 136 Bienville Ln. Vacant lot # 13 MzkxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDI6MDY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:02:06 -0500 136 Bienville Ln. is a vacant lot on the east side of the street facing north. The lot measures 50' x 140' and is one block from the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is accessible by foot or golf cart. The lot will be an excellent location for a new camp or simply to use as an r/v site. No HOA or POA dues here. Contact Karl for details...504-628-0101.]]> 168/170 Grand Isle Pkwy. Grand Isle, La. Mzg1LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6NTE= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:51 -0500 A home and a guest house...both being sold together. The home has two bedrooms and one bath. The guest house is a one bedroom / one bath. Both dwellings are minimally furnished. ]]> 215 Louisiana Ave. MzgwLTIwMTctMDgtMjQgMTY6Mzc6MjE= Thu, 24 Aug 2017 16:37:21 -0500 215 Louisiana Ave. overlooks the Port of Grand Isle facility along Bayou Rigaud in Grand Isle. This is a 1 story elevated home with 3,624 sq. ft. of living area. There are six bedrooms and three baths. Large kitchen/breakfast room. Large dining / entertainment room. It includes a separate garage with storage/entertainment room above. The home is unfurnished. Contact Karl Thayer for more information and to make all offers.]]> 157 Cypress Ln. Mzc1LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6NDA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:40 -0500 157 Cypress Ln. is a modest 2 br/ 1.5 bath Grand Isle beach camp. Located not far from the beach (1 block away) with a great beach access for the golf carts. It's a nice little starter camp with a metal roof and great activities area below. There's an 88 sq. ft. storage room next to the activities area and a 10' x 12' out building out back. The camp is in immaculate condition and coming fully furnished. No "home-owner's association fees" here. Call Karl today for an appointment...504-628-0101.]]> 168 Catherine Ln. R/V site MzczLTIwMTctMDYtMTQgMTE6MTg6MzE= Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:18:31 -0500 168 Catherine Ln. front view168 Catherine Ln is a vacant lot with water meter, septic tank, and electric pole. The r/v lot has not been used in a few years, so there may be some updating necessary to begin using the site. The lot is a 50' x 118' lot located two blocks from the beach in Grand Isle. Call Karl at 504-628-0101 for details.]]> 4009 TRACT B MzY3LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:30 -0500 4009 Hwy. 1 TRACT B 60' x 200'TRACT B is located at 4009 Hwy. 1 near the corner of Humble Rd and Hwy.1. This is a large 12.000 sq. ft. lot with a beautiful view of the wetland birds at the rear of the lot. The lot offers easy and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico beach by foot or golf cart. This is one of four adjacent lots offered for the first time ever. Call Karl for details. 504-628-0101.]]> 4017 Hwy. 1 TRACT D MzcxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:32 -0500 TRACT D 60' x 200'TRACT D is one of Four vacant lots divided out of the old HUEY LONG property. These four lots are vacant and ready for new construction. The location offers a view of the coastal wetland and wildlife to the north and a view of the Gulf of Mexico beach to the south. Call Karl for details about this and the other 3 adjacent lots. 504-628-0101.]]> 4013 Hwy. 1 TRACT C MzY5LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MzA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:30 -0500 TRACT C fronts Hwy. Large 60' x 200' lot. 12,000 sq. ft. overlooks active bird wetland to the north. Easy and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico beach. One of four lots available for development. Contact Karl for details. 504-628-0101.]]> 4005 Hwy. 1 TRACT A MzY0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6Mjk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:29 -0500 4005 Hwy. 1 TRACT ALarge vacant lot at the corner of Humble Rd and Hwy. 1 at the east end of Grand Isle. This is a brand new lot...ready for development! The lot measures 70' x 200' and provides easy and direct access to the Gulf beach by golf cart. Not far from the Community Center and Sanddollar Marina. Call Karl for details...504-628-0101.]]> 182 Plum Ln. MzU5LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDE6MjY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:01:26 -0500 Front view 182 Plum Ln182 Plum Ln. in Grand Isle. A five (5) bedroom / two (2) bath home. All metal siding and roof! Boat storage below. Concrete driveway, boat storage & side lot space. Furnished and ready to go! Call Karl today.]]> Unit "D" Pirate's Cove Marina CONDO MzU3LTIwMTctMDUtMDYgMTY6NDA6MDA= Sat, 06 May 2017 16:40:00 -0500 Unit "D" View from marina dockside  waterfrontUNIT "D" PIRATE'S COVE MARINA CONDO & BOAT SLIP Unit D is the finest and most accommodating CONDO in the marina setting. The second living level is really boasts a kitchen/dining/living room overlooking the marina and the bay. The view from this level includes a PANORAMIC view of Bayou Rigaud / Barataria Bay- Barataria Pass / and the Gulf of Mexico. The view from the living room overlooks the the fishing yacths bring in their catch from the privacy of your living room! THIS IS THE ENTERTAINMENT ROOM THAT IS UNMATCHED ANYWHERE IN GRAND ISLE! As a bonus, there is a fourth bedroom above the third 3rd) floor. The first (elevated) living level includes: 1. The master bedroom (overlooking the marina) with private bath. 2. Two (2) guest bedrooms. 3. A full bathroom. Below the condo on ground level, there is a two (2) car garage and storage room. Dockside parking is allowed during active occupancy of the condo. Contact Karl to view the wonderful waterfront condo...504-628-0101. ]]> Lots 2,3 4 & 5 Elmwood Ln. Grand Isle MzUzLTIwMTctMTItMTYgMTM6MTE6Mjk= Sat, 16 Dec 2017 13:11:29 -0600 Lots 2 - 5 view from Elmwood right of waySOLD* SOLD * SOLD***FOUR LOTS OF GROUND IN GRAND ISLE! All four of these 72' x 110' lots are available at the low low price of $37,000 for all four. Three of the lots are really nice looking lots and the fourth contains some saltwater species of vegetation and critters. The location is right north of the Grand Isle water tank about 2 miles past the big bridge to Grand on the left side of the highway. It is permitted by the Town of Grand Isle to allow up to 2 r/v's on each lot at one time...check the local ordinance. Contact Karl today...504-628-0101.]]> 1829 Hwy. 1 GRAND ISLE 'HALF WAY TO HEAVEN' NEW CAMP WITH BAY & BEACH VIEW MzUwLTIwMTctMTItMTYgMTM6MDk6MzU= Sat, 16 Dec 2017 13:09:35 -0600 1829 Hwy. 1 Front viewTHE PRICE HAS NOW BEEN REDUCED TO $280,000! CALL NOW! Beautifully built and decorated...a 2/3 beach camp in Grand Isle. There is a view of the Bay and Gulf from this great location...1/4 mile from the big bridge to Grand Isle. The camp sports two master bedrooms and lots of extras...some furniture NOT INCLUDED. There is a nice cooking and storage room at ground level. Contact Karl for an appointment to see this nice little camp today! 504-628-0101.]]> 120 Caminada Ln. Grand Isle near Sanddollar Marina MzQ3LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDA6MzA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:00:30 -0500 120 Caminada Ln. 2br/1 bath120 Caminada Ln. includes a 2 br/1 bath "Humble Home" on a 70' x 150' lot near Sanddollar Marina. The camp has been renovated over the years and includes a deck on 3 sides. There is a storage room on the deck at the rear of the home. The location offers easy and immediate access to the Bay and Gulf via Sanddollar Marina (only a block away). The location offers personal or rental use of the home. The camp is coming furnished and ready to go. Central A/C...metal roof...activities area below. Call Karl today at 504-628-0101.]]> 4000 Carly Ln.WATERFRONT Lot 121 Amaris Isle Plantation S/D MzQ1LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDA6MjA= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:00:20 -0500 4000 Carly Ln . Lot # 121VACANT WATERFRONT LOT WITH ATTACHED NON-WTERFRNT CAMP AVAILABLE. The lot in Amaris Isle has all advantages of the waterfront lots and has an optional 3 br/2 bath NON-waterfront camp available to the buyer. Contact Karl for details. ]]> 4000 Carly Ln.WATERFRONT Lot 121 Amaris Isle Plantation S/D MzQ0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6NDU= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:45 -0500 4000 Carly Ln. vacant lot at Amaris Blvd.4000 Carly Ln. in (Gated / Restricted) Amaris Isle Plantation Subdivision. Lot 121 is a WATERFRONT lot with 70' of bulkhead on Slip the corner of Carly Ln. & Amaris Blvd. The lot includes 7,016 sq. ft. area. Call Karl for details at 504-628-0101.]]> 178 Apricot Lane MzQzLTIwMTctMTAtMDYgMTg6NTk6NTY= Fri, 06 Oct 2017 18:59:56 -0500 178 Apricot Ln. Front viewPRICE REDUCED!!! This camp is named Redfish Rendevous and is "move-in" ready with nice unobstructed views of the bay! It's constructed of easy maintenance vinyl siding with a metal roof which was replaced after Gustav. It is the perfect getaway for you and your family or fishing buddies featuring two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, living area, dining area, updated kitchen, an outdoor fish cleaning station and outdoor shower below. It has plenty of room underneath for covered boat storage for your boat so you don't have to trailer your boat back and forth. It's located near the end of a quiet street, and is also within walking distance to the beach. It's being sold with most of the furnishings and fairly new appliances. It's priced to sell at only $109,000. MOTIVATED SELLERS!! Call or text Angie to see this one today! (337)251-3000]]> Lot 21 Amaris Plantation Subdivision MzM3LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDA6MTM= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:00:13 -0500 Lot # 21 Pamela Blvd. Lot # 21 located at 7038 Pamela Blvd. is a vacant lot on Pamela Blvd. in the restricted subdivision...Amaris Isle Plantation. The lot includes 70.5' of waterfront on the main canal in Amaris Isle. The lot is clear and ready for new construction. Contact Karl at 504-628-0101 for more details.]]> 147 Mulberry Ln. Grand Isle MzM0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTE6MDA6MDU= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:00:05 -0500 147 Mulberry LnTwo bedroom / two bath home with office in third bedroom. Large living / dining room adjoins the kitchen. Two storage rooms at ground level. Finished concrete activities area below the home. Includes a great activities deck on the east side of the home. Large 72' x 110' lot adjoins a 50' street right of way to the north. Great view of Caminada Bay to the north.]]> 228 Oak R St Larose, La. MzMxLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MzY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:36 -0500 228 Oak R St front view of two buildingsIncluded are: a 2 br/2bath mobile home on one lot...and a 30' x 50' metal shop on the second lot. The location is near the foot of the Larose lift bridge on the north side of the Intra-Coastal Canal. The owner will consider 'owner financing'. Contact Karl at 504-628-0101.]]> 163 Cemetery Ln. Grand Isle, La. 70358 MzI4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTk6MjE= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:59:21 -0500 163 Cemetary Ln. * 1 br/1 bath up * 2 br/1 bath downstairs & garage * R/V site & 31' boat carportLANDSCAPED WITH GREAT UNIQUE BEACH HOME COMBINATION!!!!! A COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOME WITH R/V PARKING(UP TO 40'), W/30 amp. power, sewer & water & a 31' covered boat storage attached. ...163 Cemetery Ln... ONE BLOCK FROM THE GULF OF MEXICO BEACH. GOLF CARTS ARE NOW ALLOWED TO RUN ALONG THE BEACH AT THE WATER'S EDGE...BRING YOUR FISHING POLE FOR SOME GREAT BEACH FISHING AND CRABBING! The upstairs level includes a large bedroom with walk-in closet & large Jacuzzi bathtub & a separate stand-up shower, kitchen & dining/living room (with teak (expandable-liquor bar). The home has natural gas heating. There are two bedrooms, a full bath & laundry room and a garage on ground level. * All electric kitchen with garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave, electric stove and oven. * Breakfast bar and dining room. * R/V Site with 30 Amp services. This home nestled in amongst the oak forest in the center of the high Grand Isle ridge. The land is 88'6" wide and runs from Cemetery Ln. to Landry Ln...216.24' deep...approx. 1/2 acre! There are hundred year-old oak trees which make a full canopy over the rear yard and the deck at the rear of the home. There is a 12' x 31' 6" covered boat storage carport attached to the north side of the home. THIS HOME SURVIVED HURRICANE KATRINA IN 2005 WITH NO DAMAGE! The bedrooms and walk-in closet have carpet. The remainder of the home has tile flooring. Entertaining guests is a snap in the large living room/dining room adjoining the kitchen. There are guest bedrooms below at ground level. Call Karl for an appointment to see this one today...504-628-0101.]]> 151 Shelton Ln. MzI2LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTk6MTg= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:59:18 -0500 155 Shelton Ln. VACANT LOT # 99Only one mile from the bridge at the north end of Shelton Ln....this is a 60' x 88' vacant lot. The lot needs a little fill, but can become a fine spot for an R/V or a camp. The lot has a view of Caminada Bay to the north. Call Karl today for more information...504-628-0101.]]> 116 Cypress Ln. MzI0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTk6MTU= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:59:15 -0500 116 Cypress Ln. Camp - boat shed - basketball courtGREAT FISHING CAMP...READY TO GO! This camp is located on a 50' x 150' between Jefferson Ave and Hwy. 1. The location is close to the beach access. The two bedroom / two bathroom camp is all furnished. Outside is an elevated cook area and storage for the boat shed. There is a basketball court in the driveway. Plenty of space to occupy the kids and dad as well. Call Karl for details today....504-628-0101.]]> 1952 Hwy. 1 ** Lot 7 BEACHFRONT LOT MzIxLTIwMTctMDYtMTQgMTE6MTc6MjU= Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:17:25 -0500 LOT 7 1952 Hwy. 1 BECHFRONT LOTBEACHFRONT ON GRAND ISLE NEAR THE BRIDGE!!! LOT 7 IS A CORNER LOT JUST TO THE EAST OF JEAN LAFITTE LN. THE LOT MEASURES 40.42' WIDE AND GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE WATER'S EDGE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO. THE LOT IS VACANT AND READY FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION. CALL ANGIE FOR DETAILS AT 337-251-3000.]]> 28' wide BEACHFRONT LOT MzE4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6NTM= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:53 -0500 VIEW OF 28' LOT FROM HWY. 1 AT THE CORNER OF  FIR LN.PENDING !! A VACANT LOT ON THE GULF OF MEXICO. THIS 28' WIDE VACANT LOT EXTENDS FROM THE EDGE OF HWY. 1 "TO THE WATER'S EDGE OF THE GULF OF MEXICO"! THE LOT BORDERS ON THE WEST SIDE OF FIR LN. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101.]]> 3433 HWY. 1 FRONTAGE LOT MzE2LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6NDk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:49 -0500 3433 HWY. 1 VACANT LOT WITH CONCRETE SLABTHIS LOT FRONTS HWY.1 177' WIDE. THE DEPTH AT THE CORNER OF MINNICH LN. IS 120'. THE LOT HAS A CONCRETE FOUNDATION AND IS PERFECT FOR A GREAT A CLASS A R/V SITE...THERE IS ACCESS FROM BOTH STREETS. THERE IS RIGHT ACROSS FROM THE GULF AND HAS GOOD ACCESS TO THE BEACH FROM THIS LOCATION. CALL KARL FO RMORE INFORMATION.]]> 157 Fig Ln. MzE0LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MzM= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:33 -0500 157 FIG LN. FRONT OF HOME FACING FIG LN.A WELL BUILT 3 B2DROOM / 2 BATH HOME. CONSTRUCTED ON 12' X 12' PILINGS AND TIMBERS. GREAT ELEVATION...NICE BAY VIEW. FOUR 25' X 120' LOTS. THERE IS A 12'X 12' STORAGE ROOM BELOW AND A 12'X 16' ELEVATED STORAGE BUILDING IN THE REAR YARD. GREAT SIDE YARD INCLUDES GARDEN AND OAK TREES. CENTRAL A/C WILL BE ADDED FOR SALE OF HOME. METAL HIP ROOF AND ELEVATION PROVIDES BEST INSURANCE RATES. EASY ACCESS TO THE BEACH. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS.]]> 138 Lem Ln. MzA1LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MjY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:26 -0500 138 LEM LN. LOT # 6**AVAILABLE** 138 LEM LN. HAS Two (2) 40' X 100' VACANT LOTS. THERE IS AN OLD CONCRETE SLAB ON LOT 6 AND LOT 5 IS COMPLETELY EMPTY. EACH LOT CARRIES ALL RIGHTS AND PRIVILIGES TO BUILD A NEW CAMP OR INSTALL AN R/V SITE. CONTACT KARL FOR DETAILS AT 504-628-0101. THE LOCATION IS APORIXIMATELY 2 MILES FROM THE BIG BRIDGE COMING ONTO GRAND ISLE. ]]> LOT # 13 CAPITAL LN. GRAND ISLE MzEwLTIwMTctMDYtMTQgMTE6MDQ6NTA= Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:04:50 -0500 LOT # 13 IS 50' WIDE AND READY FOR NEW  OWNERSLOT 13 BLOCK B OCCEAN PARK S/D IS A 50' X 100' VACANT LOT. THE LOCATION ON CAPITAL LN. IS SUITABLE FOR A HOME/CAMP OR AN R/V LOT. THE LOT IS LEVEL, WELL DRAINED AND IN A GOOD LOCATION ACCESSIBLE TO THE BEACH IN GRAND ISLE. CALL ANGIE FOR DETAILS.]]> 3552 HWY 1 GRAND ISLE BEACHFRONT CAMP MzA3LTIwMTctMDctMTggMTY6MjA6MjI= Tue, 18 Jul 2017 16:20:22 -0500 3552 HYW. 1 VIEW FROM HURRICANE LEVEETHERE IS A NEW PRICE ON THIS SOLID CAMP...$365,000! Call Karl today! "THE CONCRETE CAMP ON THE BEACH" LOCATED JUST PAST THE CENTER OF GRAND ISLE ALONG THE BEACHFRONT. THE MEASURES 100' WIDE X 250' TO THE BEACH. THREE BEDROOMS AND TWO BATHS UPSTAIRS AND A BUNKROOM BELOW. HANDICAP READY WITH A FULL ELEVATOR TO ASSIST ACCESSING THE LIVING QUARTERS. 1,984 SQ. FT. LIVING AREA....COMES WITH FURNISHINGS.]]> 17.664 Acres along Bayou Rigaud deep water port at Grand Isle MzAwLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MjE= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:21 -0500 17.664 Acres of undeveloped land in Grand Isle along Bayou RigaudThis is an undeveloped 17.664 acres along the deep water Port of Grand Isle on Bayou Rigaud. The land has never been developed, There is a blacktop road (Louisiana Ave) that enters the property from the east side. Another entrance is from Post Ln. (next to the Sureway Grocery Store). There is a large freshwater pond in the center of the property. A Corps of Engineers permit will be required to develop the waterfront. Call Karl for details and survey plat of the lot...504-628-0101.]]> Lot D-1 Hwy. 1 frontage at the corner of Apple Ln. in Grand Isle with view of the beach Mjk3LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MTk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:19 -0500 Lot D-1 at the corner of Hwy. 1 and Apple Ln.Lot D-1 is an irregular shaped lot fronting on Hwy. 1 at the corner of Apple Ln. and Orleans Ave. The lot is perfect for an R/V site. The location offers easy and direct access to the beach at Grand Isle. There are public streets on three sides and a servitude on the fourth side. The site is very visible from Hwy. 1 and is zoned B-3 allowing a business occupational license if desired. Call Karl for details or a plat of the lot. 504-628-0101.]]> 2685 HWY.1 BLUE WATER VILLAS Mjg4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MTI= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:12 -0500 BLUE WATER VILLAS. UNITS E,F,G,H, & I ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. EACH UNIT CAN BE A COMMERCIAL RENTAL AND IS LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF CHERRY LN. AT 2685 HWY.1. THE LOCATION OFFERS AN EXCELLENT VANTAGE TO VIEW THE GULF OF MEXICO AND CAMINADA BAY TO THE NORTH. ACCESS TO THE BEACH IS IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF THE UNITS. EACH UNIT INCUDES 2 BEDROOMS & A LOFT AND ONE BATH. THE UNITS ARE CONSIDERED "COMMERCIAL' AND MAY BE USED AS DAILY/WEEKLY RENTAL UNITS. CALL KARL TO DAY FOR DETAILS...504628-0101]]> 161 W. Central Ave VACANT WATERFRONT LOT Mjg2LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MDk= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:09 -0500 151 W. CENRAL ** A VACANT WATERFONT LOT ON CAMINADA PASS.*151 W. CENTRAL AVE IS A VACANT LOT. THIS VACANT LOT IS LOCATED ALONG THE WATERFRONT OF CAMINADA PASS NEAR THE FOOT OF THE BIG BRIDGE TO GRAND ISLE. THE LOT MEASURES 50' WIDE. THERE IS A SHORT FISHING PIER THAT EXTENDS TO THE SECOND SANDBAR ALLOWING FISHING OR BEACH GOERS ACCESS TO THE WATER'S EDGE OF CAMINADA BAY. THE LOT IS VACANT AND READY FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION. AN R/V CAN BE PERMITTED AS WELL. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS NOW....504-628-0101.]]> 171 APRICOT LN. GRAND ISLE (MOBILE HOME WITH ADDITION) MjgyLTIwMTctMDYtMTQgMTE6MDQ6MzU= Wed, 14 Jun 2017 11:04:35 -0500 LOCATED ONLY 2 MILES FROM THE BIG BRIDGE TO GRAND ISLE AT 171 APRICOT LN. THIS IS A MOBILE HOME WITH A NICE LIVING ROOM ADDITION AND PORCH. CALL OR TEXT ANGIE (337)251-3000 THE LOCATION OFFERS A NICE VIEW OF CAMINADA BAY AND EASY ACCESS TO THE BEACH AT GRAND ISLE. MANY EXTRAS ARE AVAILABLE INCLUDING FISH CLEANING STATION AT GROUND LEVEL AND A NICE STORAGE ROOM AT THE REAR OF THE BOAT GARAGE.]]> PARK LN. VACANT LOT ON EAST SIDE OF STREET MjkzLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MTQ= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:14 -0500 LOCATED ON PARK LN. IN THE MIDDLE OF GRAND ISLE NEAR THE LA. WILDLIFE & FISHERIES LAB. THE LOT MEASURES 60' X 80' AND IS A VACANT LOT WITH A NICE OAK TREE ON THE LOT. THE TOWN OF GRAND ISLE HAS A WORK BARN TO THE REAR OF THE LOT.]]> 144/148 Pete's Wharf Ln. Mjc4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTg6MDc= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:07 -0500 New sand has been delivered and spread over the lot.**Check out the new price... ON THESE LOTS** The owner has reduced the price on these two lots. Great location for an R/V site for multiple r/v's. LOCATED ONLY 1 MILE FROM THE BIG BRIDGE TO GRAND ISLE. THE LOCATION OF THESE TWO LOTS OFFERS A GREAT SUNSET VIEW OF CAMINADA BAY. ONLY A FEW YARDS FROM THE WATERFRONT, THE WATER AT THE END OF PETE'S WHARF LN. AND A FEW HUNDRED YARDS FROM THE BEACH AT THE GULF OF MEXICO. BOTH LOTS WILL BE SOLD AS ONE AND ALL MITIGATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED WITH THE CORPS OF ENGINEERS WHICH WILL ALLOW THE OWNER TO FILL IN THE LOTS AND PROVIDE TWO R/V SPOTS. THE LOT MEASURES 100' X 115'. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS NOW...504-628-0101.]]> 9- PALMS RESORT AND R/V SITES Mjc1LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTY6MzE= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:56:31 -0500 NINE PALMS AS SEEN FROM THE CORNER OF HW. 1 AND PINE LN.THE SELLER HAS AUTHORIZED A REDUCTION IN PRICE AT NINE PALMS RESORT AND R/V SITES...NOW $275,000.! THE PROPERTY INCLUDES (4) FOUR RAISED RENTAL UNITS & (9) NINE R/V SITES. SOME OF THE R/V SITES ARE RENTED BY THE MONTH (PROVIDING A MONTHLY INCOME) AND THE REMAINING SITES CAN BE RENTED DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY TO BRING IN THE BIG BUCKS. THE OWNER HAS A LIVE-IN CUSTODIAN WHO MANAGES THE PROPERTY. THE RAISED UNITS ARE ALL (1) ONE BEDROOM / (1) ONE BATH FURNISHED EFFICIENCY APPARTMENTS. THE OWNER WILL INCUDE THE R/V HE PERSONALLY OWNS WHEN HE SELLS. THE LOCATION AT THE CORNER OF PINE LN. AND HWY. 1 HAS ANOTHER BLACKTOP STREET, JEFFERSON AVE. THAT BORDERS THE SITE. THE LOCATION OVERLOOKS THE GULF OF MEXICO AND IT'S BEACH. THE BEACH IS ACCESSED BY A NEARBY "CROSS OVER" AND MAY BE UTILIZED BY WALKING OR (NOW) BY A GOLF CART ON THE BEACH! THE STATE PARK IS FULL MOST OF THE YEAR. MANAGED PERSONALLY, THIS CAN BE JUST AS PROFITABLY!!!! THE OWNER HAS ALL IRS RECORDS AVAILABLE TO A QUALIFIED BUYER. CALL KARL TODAY FOR DETAILS OR TO SEE THE SET UP. 504-628-0101.]]> 3336 Hwy. 1 BEACHFRONT CAMP MjcyLTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTY6Mjg= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:56:28 -0500 3336 Hwy. 1 FRONT VIEWBEACHFRONT IN GRAND ISLE.!! GREAT NEW PRICE ON THIS BEACHFRONT LOT AND 3 BR. CAMP! CALL KARL TODAY TO SEE THIS BEACH CAMP. LOCATED ON THE GULF OF MEXICO BEACH in the center of Grand Isle across the road from the local Sureway Grocery Store. The home includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living room/kitchen, storage rooms in the home and below at ground level. The home has a wonderful front porch overlooking the GULF OF MEXICO. The home is protected with a lockable wrought iron gate at the staircase. There are two entrances to the home from the elevated on the side and a second with double sliding doors facing the GULF! This is a one-owner home and has never been offered for sale. The location in the center of GRAND ISLE offers excellent and immediate access to the BEACH...IN FACT, THE PROPERTY INCLUDES EVERYTHING FROM THE EDGE OF THE HIGHWAY ALL THE WAY TO THE HIGH TIDE MARK OF THE GULF!! YOU OWN THE BEACH HERE!!!! The beach is now open to Golf sure to bring yours when you visit. CALL KARL TODAY FOR MORE INFO...504-628-0101.]]> 1039 Amaris Blvd. Lot # 132 MjY4LTIwMTctMTAtMTYgMTA6NTY6MjY= Mon, 16 Oct 2017 10:56:26 -0500 1039 Amaris Blvd  57' wide lotA 57' X 110' WATERFRONT LOT, LOCATED ON "SLIP #3" IN THE GATED/RESTRICTED SUBDIVISION, "AMARIS ISLE PLANTATION". THE LOCATION OFFERS EASY ACCESS THRU THE ENTRANCE OF AMARIS ISLE (NEXT TO THE U S COAST GUARD STATION). ...CANAL #3 IS JUST INSIDE THE ENTRANCE... THE LOT IS 57' WIDE AND 110' IN DEPTH. THE LOCATION OVERLOOKS PIRATE'S COVE LANDING WATERFRONT TO THE EAST. THERE IS AN ANNUAL ASSOIATION FEE. OWNERSHIP OF THE LOT WILL ALLOW THE OWNER TO INSTALL A BOAT SHED AND/OR CAMP. USE OF THE BOAT RAMP, TENNIS COURT AND SWIMMIMG POOL ARE INCLUDED IN THE MEMBERSHIP. CALL KARL FOR DETAILS...504-628-0101. ]]> 114 Rush - WATERFRONT CAMP!!! MjY1LTIwMTUtMTItMzAgMTI6NDc6NTU= Wed, 30 Dec 2015 12:47:55 -0600 Street ViewAT LAST . . . If you've been searching for a new construction, two bedroom, one bath camp, central a/c, on the water, with beautiful views of the bay and the Gulf of Mexico, then your search is over!! This camp is well constructed, and boasts of highly skilled craftsmanship, from the foundation all the way to the top. The foundation is an extra thick six inch concrete slab and drive way. This gives your pilings extra stability, as well as the added stability from the cross beams extending from the front of the camp to the back of the camp. The sub-flooring of the camp has been laid at a 45 degree angle providing even more stability, as well as tie straps on the base and over the roof beams. Deck and staircase has been constructed of durable composite deckwood, and there is a sturdy cargo elevator for your convenience. They've installed the durable color coded PEX tubing water lines which are less likely than copper to corrode, and less likely than PVC to crack. The ceilings and walls have been sealed in a commercial grade two part epoxy coating to help protect your investment from moisture. This construction has been well planned, and could be yours. Call Angie at (337)251-3000 to schedule your appointment to see this one today.]]>